March has been a really nice month, with much more sunny weather. Even though we still have the occasional storms and a lot of snowy weather, we now have longer daylight and the arctic is showing itself from the best on the bright sunny days! We have now installed solar panels on the boat that are working very well 🙂

Our other and main energy source – diesel generator…

The local people of Ittoqqortoormiit are very friendly and nice, and we have had some really nice visits from town coming by dog sledges or scooter. Some local kids took us on a small dog sledge trip one beautiful sunny day, and a local hunter came and gave us musk ox meat and even musk ox fur! The musk ox meat is fantastic, and up to now our favorite meat. Since it is still polar bear hunting in the area we have also got the chance to fill our food storage with some polar bear meat. Fried on the pan it actually tastes very good! Our next project now is to sharpen our knifes and prepare the musk ox skin. This will really be more like “learn by doing”, so hopefully it will be a good result!

We have also learned a valuable lesson this month, that igloo is far more better than tents…! They tend to fly away in the storm even though they are double and triple secured and half buried under snow plus stored with a lot of heavy equipment… So we have had great usage of our igloo; a perfect shelter when it is stormy weather, great storage for equipment and even more important; fantastic place for fishing!

Our fishing ‘cave’

Outdoor toilette with excellent view !

The scientific sampling is going very well, and we just had visits from two scientists and good friends, Catherine and Aurélien, for two weeks doing air measurements in snow, above the sea and atmosphere. They came with nice weather, good mood and some very welcoming wine and cheese from France!
These two weeks in their company went very fast. They seemed happy of all the work they got to do here, but of cause we also had some time to enjoy the oncoming arctic spring. It was really great having them on board, and we had some really nice time during their stay.

Scientist at hard work:

Auréliens birthday celebrated with Champagne in the sunset 🙂