Happy New Year ! Bonne Année ! Godt Nyttår ! Ukiortaami Pilluarit !
Life on board Argelvor in the ice has been great so far. December has been a month with mild and stormy weather, and it is amazing to see how the landscape and the ice/snow condition changes during stormy periods. From a lot of nice and light snow, you suddenly have several cm with water and hard snow on top, and if you left something on the snow the day before, you can be sure that it is buried and frozen stuck the day after…

We have got two new family members; Konto and Kiniaq. Two really nice Greenlandic dogs with a lot of personality and great fun! This area is known for a lot of polar bears, so hopefully they will do a good job and alarm us if there is a polar bear nearby.

Christmas Eve was celebrated in luxury with food that we have been saving for Christmas since we started our sailing trip up to Greenland; foie gras, duck confit and champagne. We even had a visit of the local Santa Clause, Ole Brønlund, that came over the mountain from Ittoq on snow scooter with over 5 kg of Musk ox meet for us ! So during the whole Christmas we have been spoiled with great dinners 🙂
On New year’s eve we finally got some nice weather with clear sky and northern light ; a fantastic scenery to welcome the year 2014. 2013 has been an exciting year for us, and we are really looking forward to new adventures in 2014 !