It’s cold, everything is frozen and it’s beautiful !We are enjoying life on the ice and are feeling pretty lucky to be here 🙂 Since the boat is situated in a small bay, the ice has been stable for a while now, at the moment it is about 40-50 cm thick around the boat.
We had a strong storm a couple of weeks ago; we lost one of our windmills and some other small stuff, but nothing critical. The ice held through the storm, but not in front of Ittoq. So we still have to wait until we can walk over the ice to Ittoq to pick up dogs and some equipment. For the moment we have cold and stable weather, so it would not be long before that‘s possible !

We have started some sampling, but are still waiting for more equipment that for the moment is in Ittoq. to continue our work for other scientific projects. It feels good to finally start the scientific work !The weather is getting colder and colder, the sun is gone, and we only have a few hours of light during the day, and almost every evening we have beautiful polar light. Life is good in the Arctic !