It is now the 29th of October, and Argelvor is surrounded by ice in Amdrup Havn. It has been cold for several days now, and the sea-ice seems to get more and more thick. It is exciting to see if it is this ice that will stay, or if the wind will blow it away. The weather can change quickly up here, so we are now hoping for a period of quiet, cold and stable weather. Today it is -16°C, but it is still nice and warm inside the boat (when it is not too windy…!).
Since we are not able yet to walk on the sea-ice, we are kind of “stuck” on board. But this gets us the opportunity to work on improvements and to do more preparations on board before the winter. We still have some plumbing to do, and to make a clever water supply system on board.Elin is also surprising herself by being a real “house wife” in the kitchen; baking bread, cookies and cakes, so you can say that we are having a nice time on board Argelvor while waiting for the sea-ice to settle!

Takus ! (bye bye in Greenlandic)