When you live on a boat in the ice, you can really see the difference day by day in how the ice and snow are melting. And it is going fast, remarkable fast! From being frozen stuck in the ice for several month, we are now, just after few weeks of melting, not frozen in the ice anymore – the boat is loose! And now for the first time since September/October last year, we can again feel that the boat is floating. It is strange, but suddenly you realize that we are actually living on a boat!

View from the top of the mast before the melting.

So, even though we are loose from the ice, we still have thick ice around us, and it is still safe to travel on the sea-ice. With the spring comes the permanent daylight. Now, the sun is circulating around 24 h… On one hand, it makes it easier for travelling at “night” and for early/late samplings, but on the other hand, we sometimes miss the polar lights and the stars…
We also see much more animal life around us. The seagulls are back, suddenly there are flies everywhere (!), the Snow bunting is twittering, and the geese comes in large flocks from their long travel from England.
We have had some nice skiing trips this spring, and we have also been so lucky to be able to join our good friends Emil and Nanna on their dog sledge to go fishing for Arctic char and goose hunting (mostly Barnacle goose). Fantastic trips with a lot of great experiences! Greenland is beautiful in spring, and it is really fantastic to travel around in the landscape on a dog sledge. Thank you Nanna and Emil 🙂

Emil hunting Ringed seal on the way back from goose hunting trip

Emil and Nanna