It is not easy to update the blog during all the preparations and sailing, but now we finally got some internet connection 🙂
Thank you to all our friends that helped us with the last preparations, waived us goodbye and wished us good luck on our trip. We really appreciate all your help and support during our preparations. Without you, this expedition will not have been possible ! And thanks to our German (but French at heart..) sarcastic inox-enthusiastic friend Cornelius for joining our sailing trip from Brest to Ireland 🙂

We are currently in Dingle, Ireland, where we have been some days now due to engine problems and some other problems that needed to be taken care of before continuing our trip further north. With the help from the local mechanic on our engine, we are now soon ready to continue ! Dingle is a really nice small typically Irish town where they claim to be a “drinking town with a fishing problem…”, and I really think that the expression fits ! Not the worst place to be stuck with boat problems…. 😉

Good internet connection is not so easy to get here in Dingle, but thank’s to excellent internet connection at Fenton’s restaurant (great food, staff and excellent service !) we now have activated the tracking system via our iridium, so you will now be able to follow our position on our web-page, have a look here :
We have also updated our contact information on our webpage : Contact info.
So if you wan to reach us while we are on our expedition, you can call or text us on +881622466876, or send us an e-mail at (that means that we are no longer able to check our boatinice – mail…). Receiving e-mail with attachments can be difficult, so please let us know beforehand or we might not be able to receive your e-mail…! You can also send a free message to us via this webpage :