If you have been following us on our
position page, I guess you are wondering why we now are back in Ireland…? Well,
not everything has been going according to plan… With our engine problem fixed,
it all started well from Dingle, and we were finally on our way in the right
direction. But after some days, we met some stormy weather. The wind was
stronger than we thought, and suddenly both the main sail and the front sail
broke down at the same time (!). The front sail suffered most damage, and after
some struggle we finally manage to put it down. But by then the sail was so
torn that it really did not look like a sail any more…. The plan was to get out
of the depression, but with the sails broken it was not possible anymore to go
close to the wind, and we were trapped in the depression system, just drifting
along. At this point we realised that we needed to reconsider our sailing route
to Greenland, since we could not fix the sails while sailing and had to get
back to a harbour to manage the sails. Alan managed to temporarily fix the
mainsail, so with a ‘half’ mainsail and our small forestaysail (trinquette) we
headed for Cork. We had almost only nice (and slow…) sailing back to Ireland,
and we even got the opportunity to sail close to the Fastnet light house in
calm and nice weather which really was a highlight experience after all the
negative ordeal we have had so far…

As all planned expeditions we always (and
of cause!) have a backup plan ! So even though we now are too late to reach the
west coast of Greenland, our plan is now to sail up the east coast of Ireland to
Isle of Man, via Faroe Islands to Iceland and then to the east coast of
Greenland to Ittoqqortormiit. From here we will find a nice overwintering place
in Scoresbysund, the biggest fjord system in the world and even more ‘arctic’
area than the west coat of Greenland 🙂

So we are still going ahead as planned,
it’s just the location that has changed. Luckily this will not effect or change
any of the jobs and/or planned activity we already have made in Greenland.
Right now we are doing the last preparations to be ready to go to the east
coast of Greenland and hope that we are now done with our share of bad luck,
and that the rest of the trip will go as planned !

All the best from Crosshaven, Cork 🙂