We have been planning this expedition for a
while now, and it never stops to amaze me how much preparation that is needed
to get ready for an overwintering in Greenland. We both have experience living
in remote places in the Arctic, so luckily we have some control of what
equipment that is needed to explore the Arctic field. But you always have to
double check and re-check again that you have thought about everything, and
that you remember to bring spare-parts and double sets of almost everything.
You never now what can be useful, and you have to be able to do repairs if
something breaks or malfunction. Once we are in the ice for the winter it’s not
like we can take a quick trip to the store to buy what you need… But the
preparations are part of the expedition, and really put you on the test of
patience and your organizational skills! This is actually also a good challenge;
it’s all up to us and time will show if we have managed to do it well 🙂

We bought our boat ARGELVOR about a year
ago. It has previously been prepared for sailing in Antarctica, and the former
owner has been sailing around the world for 7 years before selling it to us. The
boat is in really good condition, but a lot of work needed to be done on the
boat before it’s ready for arctic conditions: Dismantling all inventory,
isolating (!), put up both old and build new walls and sealing plates,
re-building of bead, shelves, kitchen, sofa, table etc… Set-up all new
electrical system, re-build fuel system, checking the engine, cleaning the hull
from old oil and fuel leakage, fixing all the sails etc., the list goes on and
on. But nothing of this could be done if it hadn’t been for the precious help
and effort from some of our fantastic friends! We are forever grateful for the
people that has been helping us preparing the boat and that share our
excitement for this project. Special thanks’ to JB, Hélène, Laura, Antoine,
Leila, Yann, Tom, Christophe, Ju, Etienne, Greg, Fanny, Julien, Alex, Yves, Sylvain
and Manu.